Thursday, 1 May 2014

Winter 2014

Winter is no longer about drab-looking clothing- no this winter you can still look your best while bundling up to keep the chill at bay. South Africa can be very cold in some parts and here in East London unfortunately we get wet winters so one must bundle up.
Here's a few tips from the who's who of the fashion houses collections of Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2014
1.Street Grunge
Think prints and different textures layered in relaxed fits.
Worn leather is the hype and a leather jacket is a must in every closet, preferably a tailored fit because you do not want your biker looking 2 sizes bigger!
Plaid (as seen on Salvator Ferragamo) -shirts, skirts, cardigans: incorporate plaid in your look even if its just a shirt tied around your waist for that street cred.
2. Leather accents
Black on black is here to stay: you can even dress it up with more feminine silhouette for extra chic. The leather look is trending on all forms from faux leather, quilts a' la Chanel, patents- your can get it from leggings to jackets to achieve this style.
3. Go Goth or go home
No I'm not one to start putting black lipstick on my lips but you can still achieve the look whilst still staying very feminine. Black being the obvious colour can be bought in different textures like chiffon to still feel chic and sophisticated with just a touch of leather and maybe a smoky eye and black nails to give you the edge. You can also include a few studded pieces like belts and bags.

 4. Monochrome and Animal Prints
Monochrome is always classy but can still be played fro the boardroom to the classroom. It is timeless: ask Coco Chanel and Aubrey Hepburn they will tell you!! Some animal print accents were seen in Salvator Ferragamo's collection and this can be achieved with more subtle pieces like cute pumps at Rage SA.

Make sure you have these staples this winter: 

the over the knee boot that can be taken from runway to the street like Angelina Jolie

Remember don't be afraid to layer girl. This can be achieved without adding extra bulk to your body: here's a few looks for you to try