Tuesday, 22 July 2014

SOS HEEEEEELLLLPPPPP- My kinky curly coily dilemma

Hi loves,

Sorry for the absence, it's just been crazy with work and life in general and a little something that you will know of soonest!
So as y'all know I did the big chop January of this year and my hair has been very generous in the growth department lol, but the downside is finding natural products with no sulphates here in South Africa, especially here in East London. So far I have been using +ORS products and they have been treating me good but my hair has been shedding more than normal in the past 2 or so months and I'm just a bit concerned.
So all you +South African naturalistas hook a sista up if you know where I can get help as to where I can get good, clean hair products.
I will link a youtube vlog of my 7 month natural hair journey for you just to keep you up to date

As always, God bless

xoxo filled with Jesus' love