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My Top 5 Tips for Healthy Natural Hair

A lot of you guys have asked what I do to make sure my hair stays healthy and retains length. Here are my top 5 tips, any other thing really goes from here. I do not take hair vitamins


Finger Coils on Medium or Short Hair

A quick tutorial on Finger Coils for short to medium hair PRODUCTS USED ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisture Creme Water MAKEUP LOOK ON THIS VIDEO Garnier BB Cream - Medium Black Opal powder Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo - Pearl Sands Essence Lipliner - 11 In The Nude Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick - 280 Star Rust NYX Pin Up Tease Mascara


Eylure The Lash Edit Review : Get the Fashion Week Look Everyday!

Hi loves, Here's a quick review of the Eylure Lash Edit. Go chic in Parisian style, or glam in New York style or just cool in London style! Yes you can relive the Fashion Week experience all day,everyday! Available in SA at Dischem and Clicks Available in the US at Target, Kohls and Ulta.


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Day Lookbook

Hey loves, Hope you are planning a great Valentine's day celebration with your loved one... I think personally everyday should be valentines as God wants us to love one another more than anything. Remember to always love and love hard.....always Hope you enjoy the video, don't forget to like and subscribe. Follow me on the links in my channel cover and I will follow back, promise. :) As always God bless and smoochies, Gee


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I am 1 YEAR NATURAL!!!!! My Tips and My Regimen

Hey Loves,

So today I am officially 1 YEAR NATURAL and it's been a great journey of self discovery and self acceptance. So I wanted to share with you guys my journey thus far.


For me it wasn't because my relaxed hair was damaged like most naturals would say; my hair was quite fun. The problem was I wasn't fine, and I had to learn to allow God to help/teach me how to accept myself for who I was and to love me just as I was. And cutting off all my hair was a symbol of me beginning on that journey.
 Also because I have had quite a number of comments due to the texture of my hair being different that most, and because it wasn't fitting into the normal "black" texture (as people would always say: I don't know what that means though), I ended just relaxing it to so of "fit in" with everyone; though it still turned out pretty much different lol. So I had to also accept that I am different and that was God's best choice for me and I wanted to love that, curls, flaws and all.


Transitioning (June 2013-Dec 20130
The Big Chop (Jan 2014)



It is important to know what hair type you fall under because then you can narrow down what characteristics are common in that hair type and what are the needs. For example I am type 3C/4A and the common thing is low porosity (meaning it looses moisture fast, but also absorbs it fast as well so a richer moisturizer should help), also my hair frizzes up to a lion's mane, so no unnecessary hair manipulation. Once you know your hair type, you will look for products in your regimen that will be specifically targeting/catering to your needs, this means less product hoarding and wasting money.


When you buy a new product, give it a testing period and try to use it in several protective styles (twists, bantu knots, flat twists, flexi rod sets e.t.c) to monitor how well it perfoms, if you do not like the results it gives you; then you can change them. This will help you see which products work best alone and together (e.g moisturizers & gels) so you can stock up on what you will use.


I know it is easy to get carried away and buy something that you saw someone else using because you thought it gave them good results...stop! If your present regimen is working for you, keep it. You can gradually add new products into your regimen but keep your key regimen.


OK, the plain truth is natural hair can dry up pretty easily, so make sure you are not lazy on moisturizing daily. Use the LOC Method for your wash n go, twists, knots e.t.c to make sure your moisturize and seal the hair properly to prevent dryness. 
LOC is basically a 3-step Method:

L- Leave In
-Thoroughly moisturize the hair from root to tip immediately after washing. Work the product gently in a raking motion to distribute evenly.

O- Oil ( this can be olive oil, argan oil, sweet almond, black castor oil or my personal fave coconut oil)
-This will help seal in the moisture and protect against breakage

C- Creme Moisturizer
- Finish off with a creamy consistency moisturizer for extra moisture, protection, and sealant.

Keep a spray bottle with a water to spritz the hair during the day in humid weather so your hair does'nt dry up. 
Rose water is very good for this as it also promotes hair growth and smells divine!
You can also use a tea : 1 Green/Red Teabag brewed and strained into a bottle + 2 drops essential oil + 1 drop vitamin E.

5. Use a Satin Bonnet

-Satin/Silk is the best for covering your hair at night. Get yourself a satin bonnet, scarf or pillow to use at night. Cotton will just soak up all the moisture in your hair, leaving you with a frizzy, dry mane! Also never dry your hair with a towel, it does the same damage : use an old T-Shirt or a micro-fiber toweling to dry your hair.


This is a gently cleansing shampoo that I use once a week to wash my hair and scalp. It doesn't leave my scalp dry as it is not a clarifying shampoo.

I use this to co-wash if I want to change styles, but feel that my hair isn't that dirty to be using shampoo. This also produces excellent results when twisting & bantu knotting.

L.........Leave In

I use this with my moisturizer for twists, knots and flexi rod set to give my curls hold without the crunch. I also use this after my wash and go to make my natural curl pattern more defined.
All the above products can be purchased at #dischem_pharmacists_who_care and #Clicks stores nationwide.

I hope this helps, for any queries please comment below. Do not forget to check out my YouTube for tutorials on how I use these here

As always, God bless & smoochies,

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Valentine's Day Makeup Look - Purple Smoked Eyes & Pink Frosted Lips

Hey Loves,

So this is a Valentine's day look perfect if you want to ditch the over-done red & white theme of the day, but still chic with a hint of sass. 
I love this look because it is so versatile for different kinds of dates : maybe you will be spending V-Day with your girls, your boo, or just your glam-self ! This look will be appropriate for all these!

Snapshot 3 (2015-01-28 11-11 PM)_Fotor

Look 1

Here I am wearing big, big hair for that Diana Ross glam effect! This hair look will be perfect for a girls night out. I would pair this with blue skinnies (high-waisted but of course!), a white v-neck loose fitting tee (tucked in the front) and nude heels = Instant Chic. Top of with a biker jacket if it is chilly outside and finish off with a clutch purse .

Snapshot 4 (2015-01-28 11-12 PM)_Fotor
Look 2

This I would wear for a sit down dinner with the boo. I would pair this with an LBD (midi & body-con) with gold accessories, black clutch box purse and black cut out heels = Instant Sophistication

For the tutorial go over to my YouTube to watch the step by step guide. Go watch on YouTube now

I use medium
I used Hazelnut to set the BB Cream

I used Cool Tan to highlight

I used the Black Opal Creme to Powder Foundation as a contour for the hollow of my cheeks and temples


I used the Essence Sun Club Bronzing Powder to highlight on the forehead, bridge of my nose, highest points on my cheekbones, cupid's bow and chin
I applied the Rimmel Blush in Coral to flush my cheeks
I used this ScandalEyes Pencil in 001 Witness White to prime my eyelids,preparing for eyeshadow.
I used the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 360 AS YOU WANT VICTORIA as my base lip color

I topped the lips with the Ralo Cosmetics Twist Lipstick in 04 Choc Pink for the frosted look.

  I finished the look with the NXY Pin-Up-Tease Mascara

This is not the actual palette I used. The one I used has a turquoise green, lavender,purple,metallic black, white, light and dark browns in it.

All the products, except for the Ralo Lipstick, are available at #Clicks and #Dischem nationwide.



Hey loves, Here's a quick tutorial on how you can breathe new life into your weave (you know in between protective styles) and give it a new look minus the salon trip (a lady's gotta save sum!) PRODUCTS USED Water (in this case I mixed it with my leave-in conditioner) Rat-tail Comb & brush Flexi rods Blowdrier Satin bonnet Mirror patience For a tutorial on the makeup look I'm wearing in the photo, comment below and I will record it for you guys.. Don't forget to subscribe and follow on all my social links on the channel cover. As always God bless & smoochies, Gee


Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Hi Loves
So I had this awesome weave installed on Dec 29th and I have been loving creating different looks on it. 

But if you know me, you would know how much I don't like looking almost the same for long. 

So I decided to refresh my weave with a cut and a bit of TLC- if you want to dodge the salon trip & hassle, keep reading

Now proceed to curl the hair. You can just straighten it with an iron at this stage as an alternative. I wanted curls, so I went for my flexi rods.

 And this is the finished result.....I think it came out pretty awesome. See you don't always have to break the bank to look good!

The video tutorial is up on my  YouTube for how to achieve this hair. Check it out on this link here 
If you want a tutorial on the turquoise green smoked eye-look, just leave a comment on the picture on my Instagram and I will record the tutorial.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet Report

Hi Loves,

The SAG Awards were on this weekend and of course Hollywood royalty came out in all its glory to grace the red carpet. So here’s my take on what were the hits, and a very very bad miss that deserves a handsome fine; and of course the makeup looks that stood out for me that I feel are appropriate for summer. Enjoy!


rs_634x1024-150125165046-634.Natalie-Dormer-Screen-Actors-Guild-Awards.jl.012515 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 0x600 21st-annual-screen-actors-guild-awards-arrivals-1 SAG_Sarah SAG's Rosamund Pike imagesudous-entertainment-sag-awards-arrivals-1 



These two were my favorite dresses for the night



I just don’t know what she was going for her : goth, nun, goth-nun?



Keira Knightley made a great comeback with this purple number, after her ultimate fail for the Golden Globes. She is looking absolutely gorgeous and glowing.


          fair skin
           medium/olive skin
          dark skin
As always God bless, xoxo


All pictures copyrights of POPSUGAR.COM . See full report here

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Miss World 2014/15 - Our very own Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss!!!!

Hey Loves,

                                     Compliments of the New Year!!!!!! Ching, Salute!!!!

I am very much excited for the projects I have planned for 2015 and I hope to share with you guys so we can all inspire each other and also grow in our creativity and influence.

So today's post is a late special dedication to our very own Rolene Strauss, who is the currently reigning Miss World! Miss Strauss is from Volkrust and is a refreshing nod to South African beauties from the Miss World beauty pageant in 40 years!!
So I felt it was justice to have her as the first blog entry of 2015- a positive encouragement that dreams coupled with hard work, dedication, discpline and a goal can come true.

 In her own words ( First Diary Entry dated January 6th ) she says of the experience so far "During the first few weeks as Miss World, my heart was truly touched by the hopes and dreams I see in children's eyes when I speak to them. It gives me the courage to work towards a better future for those who hope and dream."

+Rolene Strauss we at salute you and we hope your year of reign will be an opportunity for you to shine your light in many lives as a positive influence; we believe you will do so ( in designer heels but of course)! Lots of love and success in your future endeavors.

So my beautiful & oh so chic glamazons ....... here's to a year of creative greatness

Miss World pictures are all from &copyright owned by the official Miss World website, here

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