Tuesday, 25 November 2014

1 Scarf, 1 Head, 7 Ways I How to tie a Headscarf Tutorial

Hey Lovelies, Just a tiny tutorial for you guys on how I tie my head-scarf. Enjoy & don't forget to subscribe to all my social media platforms: links are on the channel cover. As always God bless & smoochies, missGee

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Friday, 21 November 2014


Hello Lovelies, sorry for being a bit scarce the business has been keeping me busy. But I have a lot of material on edit for you guys so I will be uploading more videos. Here the TMI tag so you can get to know me better. (Sorry about the shaking and noise feedback, for some reason I "ingeniously" decided to put the camera on top of the bed. I tag MissPeaches1000 http://ift.tt/1F7o1H6 BeautybyEdwina http://ift.tt/1HtOxyo

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Solange Weds in Weekend Nuptials

Picture rights Vogue.com taken by Rog Walker

Dressed in an ivory white Humberto Leon for Kenzo dress, Solange Knowles (28) said I do to her video director beau Alan Ferguson (51) in New Orleans after a weekend of festivities. The all female wedding party, including sister Beyonce and mother Tina, all dressed in white for the photo shoot ( portraits were commissioned to Rog Walker)and were all looking absolutely stunning.

Of course in true Solange style, we didnt expect the normal Disney Princess ball gown and she didn't dissapoint. Her gown was regal and truelly embodied Solange's style that we have all come to love and maybe envy just a little....

Her son Daniel Julez and niece Blue Ivy (who arrived with dad Jay-Z both dressed in white ) also attended the wedding ceremony, which was clearly a family affair.

She wore a stunning Stephane Rolland ivory jumpsuit before the wedding and arrived in a white painted bicycle decked with cream roses, in true to Solange Knowles style.
For more stunning pictures of the wedding, click here

Friday, 14 November 2014

#CliniqueInsiders2015 : Entry Video

Hey Lovelies, I am entering to become an Insider for Clinique in 2015. So the theme this year is #StartBetter in 2015, and you share what you will do better. Comment down below what you would like to do, begin the sentence like this....... Today is the day that ........................ Comment and let's make our world a positively better place.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Musical Feast - introducing Cizario Roberts

I had the pleasure of spending some time with up and coming artist Cizario Roberts, who has been busy in studio recording his first album titled" Ngizelingoma", loosely translated "I have given birth to a song" which is befitting for a first album and for someone whose music career growth I have had the blessing to witness .

Listening to the album was refreshing, it carries a smooth, jazzy, neo-soul feel to it reminiscent of names like Maxwell yet still bears the markings of the authentic South African flavor. I am definitely not being biased, given that he is a close friend of mine, in giving the album a sterling  review and I encourage each one of you to keep your ears open as to when it will be available on the shelves; because it will be worth the investment.

My favorite is of course Fall Again and because I love you all so much I am going to let you have a listen, so go on and  click here  :)


YouTube Channel     click to go to his channel
Twitter                   click to go to his twitter
Facebook Page         click to go to his FB

As always God Bless and smoochies,

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Romeo Beckham for Burberry London

The Beckham middle child is starring in this wonderfully choreographed holiday campaign by London powerhouse +Burberry , that has bagged big names like Kate Moss as ambassadors.

This short video tells the story of two young people who fall in love against a London theatrical backdrop and young Beckham is bearing a gift of love for them, and they take him on an enchanted dance journey . The film titled "From London with Love" is directed by Christopher Bailey and features over 50 dancers who give an old school slow dance movie performance. I personally love the way everyone is looking so sharp and dapper, and the ladies tiered dresses. This is a beautifully created and well produced film.

 The young couple is played by Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward and young Romeo take the office of playing cupid, which he makes for a cute cupid I must say,
The launch of the campaign strategically coincides with the launch of Burberry holiday gifts in store and on burberry.com

Watch the video here

Video and photo  credits :Burberry

As always God bless, smoochies