Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Romeo Beckham for Burberry London

The Beckham middle child is starring in this wonderfully choreographed holiday campaign by London powerhouse +Burberry , that has bagged big names like Kate Moss as ambassadors.

This short video tells the story of two young people who fall in love against a London theatrical backdrop and young Beckham is bearing a gift of love for them, and they take him on an enchanted dance journey . The film titled "From London with Love" is directed by Christopher Bailey and features over 50 dancers who give an old school slow dance movie performance. I personally love the way everyone is looking so sharp and dapper, and the ladies tiered dresses. This is a beautifully created and well produced film.

 The young couple is played by Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward and young Romeo take the office of playing cupid, which he makes for a cute cupid I must say,
The launch of the campaign strategically coincides with the launch of Burberry holiday gifts in store and on burberry.com

Watch the video here

Video and photo  credits :Burberry

As always God bless, smoochies