Thursday, 16 October 2014



Hello Lovelies,
So I have been doing a little research on how I can get involved in the fight against cancer as I have some people dear to me who have fought & won over cancer; and this has proven that early detection and having the proper knowledge is key in moving towards a cancer free society and possibly a cure.
The statistics stand at 1 in 26 South African women being likely to get breast cancer across all races, and that for me is too big a number for us to just sit back and be passive. I think every woman has a mandate to teach the younger girls how to do proper inspection from an early age and to take their tests as prescribe by the health department i.e having your regular pap smear and breast inspection as regulated.
Also it is each persons’ responsibility to eat and live right, following a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. Here are the signs of possible breast cancer presence from

I have created this makeup look in honor of the survivors, in support of the fighters and with hope for a cure. Stay beautiful and think pink!

As always God bless, and smoochies,
miss Gee