Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Formidable Women who Inspire Us

Hello loves,

It's been quite a while. Sorry about that work has been keeping me busy.
This is a first installment of a series featuring woman who are an inspiration to myself and a lot of your fashion and style conscious ladies out there. Strong women who continue to prove that the sky is not too far to reach for your stars, and be all you dream to become, with hard work and determination of course
So let's begin...............

Carolina Herrera

Born Carolina Josefina Pacanins y NiƱo,  in January 8, 1939, Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan-American fashion designer known for "exceptional personal style"
Her designs have been seen on First Ladies from Jacqueline Onassis to Michelle Obama. The New York Times cited her designs as "elegant and worldly without ever being fussy".

 She was introduced to the world of fashion by her grandmother who took her to see shows by Balenciaga and buying her outfits at Lanvin and Dior. She has been quoted to say " My eyes grew accostomed to seeing pretty things"Carolina Herrera: Portrait of a Fashion Icon, by Alexandra Kotur, Published by Assouline, 2004, from the forward by Hamish Bowles pp. 8-13

The company has been based in New York City since 1980. Some of her notable clients include Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, for whom she designed the dress for her daughter Caroline's wedding.
She has dressed Diana de Melo, Duchess of Cadaval amongst an elite clientele. At age 75 she is still going strong and one can't help but admire her skill and impercable style.

Some of her achievements include:
 -Gold Medal of The Queen Sofia Spanish Institute 1997
-Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts: Spain
-Member of the Board of Directors for CFDA since 1999
-  Member of the Board of Directors for Mimi So since 2004
-Womenswear Designer of The Year 2004
-The International Centre in New York Award of Excellence
-Lifetime Achievement Award from The Council of Fashion Designers of America 2008
-Fashion Group International Superstar Award
-Style Awards Designer of the Year 2012
-The "Mercedes-Benz Presents" Title for her 2011 Collection
-And recently the 2014 Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion

Some of her designs to inspire you..................

And my personal favorite from the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection...............sigh...................I die............